Express Eventing returns to Bolesworth - 05 May 2015

Bolesworth International is to be host to the Ride-away Express Eventing Challenge, the fast-moving version of traditional three-day eventing, which takes place on Friday 19 June. The one-day competition was last staged at Bolesworth in 2011 and will include many of the best known names in eventing.

Express Eventing combines the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country and showjumping inside a single arena, using a highly condensed competition format. Described as the Twenty20 of equestrianism, Express Eventing enables spectators to watch all the action from one seat and to follow the progress of riders at each stage of this edge-of-the-seat competition.

Lucy Jackson is a regular member of the New Zealand eventing team and one of the top class line-up for Bolesworth. "Express Eventing is pretty much non-stop action and you can really feel the closeness of the crowd. I love it," she says. "The cross-country jumps come up fast, but the short course means Express Eventing is well suited to older and more experienced horses, who no longer have the stamina for the traditional four mile course. The biggest challenge though is the musical dressage and that's what I'll be concentrating on between now and Bolesworth."

Freestyle dressage-to-music is the first phase of the competition and is unique to Express Eventing, with riders encouraged to express both their own personality and that of their horses through the music of their choice. The cross-country comes next as riders tackle a course of up to 18 challenging obstacles within an optimum time. Showjumping is the final phase, where riders must decide whether to play safe at the end or choose the demanding 'eraser fence', the last jump of the competition and an opportunity to erase four penalties from their scores.

Express Eventing is sponsored by Ride-away, one of the UK's leading equestrian specialists, which was attracted by Express Eventing's innovative approach to a long-established sport and by its obvious appeal to a growing audience. Janet Cahill, Head of Marketing at Ride-away, said: "Visitors to Bolesworth can we sure of a nail-biting competition and the chance to get close to many of the sport's heroes. It will be a showcase event and a lot of fun."

Note to Editors:

Established in 1980, Ride-away is a multichannel retail business with extensive online and catalogue operations as well as a 15,000 sq ft superstore, 10 miles north of York. With more than 17,000 products in stock and a team full of experienced riders and horse owners, Ride-away delivers to 196 countries worldwide. Ride-away was acquired by Pets at Home in December 2012.


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