Express Eventing, the Twenty20 version of the equestrian sport of eventing has unveiled a new website – designed and developed by LightMedia Communications – to coincide with the launch of its 2011 Series.

This year for the first time the Express Eventing Series which comprises dressage to music, cross country and showjumping being completed in one arena –is to be rolled out nationally at prestigious and established shows throughout the country. The 2011 Series will also no longer be invitational but be open to qualifying riders.

LightMedia Communications are a web development house that aims to help organisations get the best from the internet, was asked to reflect the new positioning of Express Eventing as well as to enable riders to apply online in the new website

The Royal Leamington Spa-based organisation, which was established in 2004, has used a range of vibrant and striking colours, designs and logos to ensure that the Express Eventing brand reflects the sport’s modern thrilling and spectator-friendly image.

Jeremy Hammond, Creative Director at LightMedia Communications explains how they sought inspiration for the design. “We were thrilled at the opportunity at working on the new website and developed a fresh design that mirrored the dynamic nature of modern eventing. We have high hopes for the sport and hope that the site supports it as it goes from strength to strength.”

The site at includes a competitor’s entry platform and enables the client to easily keep the site constantly updated from their offices or the showfield thus ensuring that those following from home will have up to the minute information and results.

Jill Gratton-Fisher, of Express Eventing, explains why LightMedia Communications were seen as better than their competitors: “When selecting a partner to build our website, we had a very specific list of requirements. These included fast turnaround times for queries and changes, the ability to work pro actively and challenge our thinking, and most importantly to create a site that would stand out from the rest and encourage visitors to return on a frequent basis.

“Lightmedia not only met our criteria, but exceeded in every aspect. They took the time to understand our business aims and objectives and have helped us achieve a tremendously successful launch of the Express Eventing Series 2011.”


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